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Digital Multimeters Vs Analog Multimeters- A Candid Evaluation

Digital multimeters are today used extensively for measuring multiple different measurements like voltage, current and resistance. Similarly, Digital pressure gauge too has become a popular option. Is it just because they are digitalized? What makes them the preferred option over analog ones? Here are some likely reasons.

What does a multimeter do?
As mentioned above, a multimeter is an important device that can perform the multiple functions of measuring different units, such as voltage, current, and resistance. Also known as multitesters, the larger models are even used for attuning other electronic devices as they are more sensitive and accurate. Though these are available both as digital multimeters and analog multimeters, the former is more popular than the latter.

Advantages of digital multimeters
The best part about digital multimeters is that they give more accurate measurements compared to its analog counterpart. And the accuracy is not just restricted to giving correct results. While analog multimeters indicate the value with a needle over a scale, digital Multimeters has a LED or LCD display, which can display output in as a digital numerical feed even up to decimal points. This makes it very specific and also readable. Apart from that it also has can be adjusted whenever required to measure in ohm, ampere and volt.

Advantages of Analog multimeters
Analog multimeters too are great for the measurement of voltage, current, resistance, frequency and signal power. Though some users denounce them as obsolete, yet these too have their advantages over the digital multimeters. For example checking diode using analog multimeter is more accurate than using a digital multimeter. Again, short circuit problems can be found using the analogue multimeter with a better output. Just like its digital version, most of the advanced versions of an analog multimeter have great features like capacitor, diode and IC testing modes.

In accordance with your requirements, whether you go for digital multimeters, infrared thermometers or analog multimeters the choice is completely yours!