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Low-Cost Digital Pressure Gauge 2 inch
SKU: DPG-020-Bot

The DPG-020 is a low cost digital pressure gauge for air and compatible gasses. This digital pressure gauge has selectable units (PSI, Bar, MPa) and comes standard with a rubber boot. Ranges are available from 0-5 PSI up to 200 PSI.  This product is IN STOCK FOR QUICK DELIVERY.

Our price: $49.00
Ashcroft General Purpose Digital Pressure Gauge Type D1005PS
SKU: 25D1005PS02L -30/0
The Ashcroft Type D1005PS is a general purpose digital pressure gauge with 0.5% accuracy and ranges up to 20,000 PSI.

Our price: $275.00
Cecomp Digital Pressure Gauge Model DPG1000
The Cecomp DPG1000 Digital Pressure Gauge has a 0.25% accuracy with pressure ranges up to 5000 PSI. The DGP1000 can be ordered as battery operated, 8-24 VAC or 9-32 VDC powered, or loop powered with 4-20 mA output.

Our price: $299.00
Cecomp Digi Max® Digital Pressure Gauge Model F16B
The Cecomp Model F16B is a battery operated digital pressure gauge with 0.25% accuracy and push button zero.

Our price: $355.00
Ashcroft Precision Digital Pressure Test Gauge Type 2089, 2086, 2084
SKU: 302089SD02L vac/15
The Ashcroft Type 2089, 2086, and 2084 are Precision Digital Pressure Test Gauges with accuracy of 0.05%, 0.1%, and 0.25%. Ranges are avaialble from vacuum to 7000 PSI.

Our price: $1060.00
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Digital Pressure Gauges - Pressure Measurement Device

At TEK Instrument Company you will find a large selection in our digital pressure gauges category from manufacturers that were selected after rigorous testing that represent high quality products with superior value. Equipped with the latest technology in this industry sector, our pressure gauge gives excellent accuracy and high resolution. Our pressure gauge range offers a superior performance level compared to mechanical gauges and can measure pressure with high accuracy and precision.

Our Digital Pressure Gauge Brands

Among the well known brands, our product inventory includes manufacturers such as Aschcroft and Sensocon. These digital pressure gauge manufacturers were selected based on their products reputation for quality and reliability. Our inventory of the Ashcroft digital pressure test gauge includes both general purpose products as well as precision digital test gauges. These products are available in a variety of gauge sizes and process connections as well as display options such as a backlit display. Other optional components are available including an Ashcroft hard carrying case and a protective rubber boot.

Digital Pressure Gauge and its applications

We offer a wide range of digital pressure gauges that are used in numerous applicatioons from test and measurement to permanent mount process applications in a variety of industry sectors including refineries, food processing, pharmaceutical, HVAC and semiconductor to name a few. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure the products we supply meet our 100% quality expectations.

Enhanced Customer Service for Digital Pressure Gauge

We continually search the digital pressure gauges market for improvements in technology that offers more features, greater durability, better performance for higher effectiveneess, or a better price in order to best serve our customers. We have made a mark in the industry of pressure gauges, infrared thermometers and digital multimeters with our knowledgeable staff and high level of customer service. We have an excellent team of professionals dedicated to the customers of TEK Instrument Company. Our team is ready to help with any problems, big or small. Equiped with the combination of Ashcroft's commitment towards innovation and TEK Instrument Company's towards better customer service, we ensure that TEK Instrument is the right choice for all your digital pressure gauge needs. And yes, we can also help you find the pressure gauge that is right for your specific application requirment.

How to order Digital Pressure Gauge

To learn more about our digital pressure gauge offering, simply navigate to the products displayed on this page. You can also call on our toll free number: 1-866-694-6863 or send us an e-mail at info@tek-inst.com. So, what are you waiting for? And yes, we also offer Free Ground Shipping for orders over $300. We also have other great shipping options for our pressure gauge family. All shipping dates are approximated at the time of quotation or order.

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