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Infrared Thermometers


Model ST-880 IR thermometers with Built-in laser pointer
SKU: ST-880
A portable, easy-to-use, compact-sized, digital infrared thermometer.

Our price: $89.00
Model ST-8819 IR Thermometers with Backlighting illuminates display
SKU: ST-8819
A compact infrared thermometer with a wide temperature range and laser sighting.

Our price: $159.00
Model ST-882 IR Thermometers with Overrange indicator, Auto data hold
SKU: ST-882
Pocket-sized and easy-to-use.... just point, shoot and read

Our price: $99.00
Model ST-8839 IR Thermometers with Large LCD with backlight and display hold
SKU: ST-8839
This infrared thermometer features a 50:1 distance to target ratio and lasear sighting.

Our price: $269.00

Infrared Thermometers - The Ultimate Non-Contact Temperature Gauging Device

Tek-Inst brings to you an exclusive range of Infrared thermometers for ultimate non- contact temperature measurement. Unlike, traditional temperature gauging devices, Infrared thermometers measure the infrared energy emitted by a particular object and convert it into a legible temperature reading. Hence, they are especially popular in sectors where temperature measurements of fast moving objects are required.

Application Areas of Tek-Inst Infrared Thermometers:

• Food preparation
• Industrial process and maintenance
• Automotive industry
• Maintenance of Electrical appliances
• Cold storage facilities
• Meteorological department for forecasting weather
• Health care industry
• Private use in homes

The Tek-Inst Advantage for Infrared Thermometers:

Exhaustive range of products: At Tek-Inst, you would find a full range of IR Thermometers from low cost fixed emissivity versions to products with adjustable emissivity and optical resolution of 50:1. Among them are portable, easy-to-use, compact-sized, digital infrared thermometers, and also pocket sized varieties. All the infrared thermometers available with us are equipped with a LCD screen and backlit support to display temperature reading even in low lit and dark spaces. You would find infrared thermometers from all the known international brands at Tek-Inst such as Sensocon, Reed Instruments, Kyoritsu and Ashcroft among many others.

First-rate customer service: Tek-Inst’s asset lies in its dedicated and knowledgeable staff, which is ready to help with your application and selection of the Infrared Thermometer that is just right for you. Ordering online with us is very easy; all you have to do is register yourself and then fill the given form for the desired product and our customer care executive would get back to you. Shipping is usually done as soon as possible. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also offer warranty for all our products.

Selecting Infrared Thermometers for Your Needs:

While selecting the right Infrared thermometer to suit your individual requirement, it is recommended that you look for the three factors that have an effect on its performance.

Temperature range: Choose the one that is required for your temperature range- while some are low ranged, others are designed for high temperature measurement.

Optical resolution: This is the difference in ratio between the Infrared thermometer and the surface to be measured. This is an important factor that is to be taken into consideration while selecting infrared thermometers as what applies to a particular industry sector does not apply to the other.

Emissivity: This is the measurement of an object’s capability to radiate absorbed energy, which has a great impact on the temperature readings of infrared thermometer varieties.

Keep these factors in mind and you can never go wrong in getting the apt infrared thermometer for all kinds of requirements including ‘those hard to reach places’. The Infrared thermometer is here to stay. Try one and see the difference in your work environment.

Apart from an exclusive range of Infrared thermometers, TEK Instrument Company also supplies other digital pressure gauge temperature measuring products such as digital thermometers, temperature calibrators, temperature simulators, thermocouple probes and digital multimeters.

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