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Model YK-80AP Digital Vane Anemometer
Easy-to-use digital rotating vane anemometer suitable for a variety of applications

Our price: $199.00
Model K7010 Digital Sound Meter
SKU: K7010
Versatile sound level measuring tool that can be used in conjunction with a datalogger

Our price: $229.00
Model C-360 Handheld Digital Insulation Tester
SKU: C-360
Digital insulation tester with insulation measurement to 4000 M W with insulation Test voltage combinations of 250 V, 500 V, and 1000 V.

Our price: $259.00
Model VC05 Loop Calibrator
Loop calibrator for mA sourcing, simulation, and measurement with 0.02% accuracy

Our price: $265.00
Model ST-8839 IR Thermometers with Large LCD with backlight and display hold
SKU: ST-8839
This infrared thermometer features a 50:1 distance to target ratio and lasear sighting.

Our price: $269.00
Model YK-80AM Heavy Duty Vane Anemometer
Heavy-duty metal rotating vane anemometer provides direct reading of air velocity and temperature

Our price: $299.00
Model K5090 Portable Milliohm Meter
SKU: K5090
Portable milliohm meter

Our price: $325.00
Modle VC01
Handheld digital temperature simulator.

Our price: $349.00
Model C-314 Dual Input Thermo-Hygrometer with Data Logging
SKU: C-314
A dual input thermo-hygrometer with data logging capabilities.

Our price: $357.00
Model ET-3000 Earth Resistance Voltage Tester
SKU: ET-3000
Earth resistance voltage tester.

Our price: $395.00
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