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Model C-314 Dual Input Thermo-Hygrometer with Data Logging
SKU: C-314
A dual input thermo-hygrometer with data logging capabilities.

Our price: $357.00
C-315 Thermo-Hygrometer
SKU: C-315
Compact thermo-hygrometer with integral probe for convenient one-hand operation.

Our price: $129.00
Model LM-8000 Combo Meter Digital Anemometer Humidity Light and Temperature
SKU: LM-8000
4 in 1 multi-function meter - anemometer, humidity meter, light meter and type-K digital thermometer.

Our price: $159.00
Model LM-81HT Pocket Size Thermo Hygrometer
A pocket-sized thermo-hygrometer with a large dual digital display

Our price: $79.00
Model ST-615 Digital Thermo-Hygrometer
SKU: ST-615
Digital thermo-hygrometer with remote or integral probe, plus large dual display with backlighting.

Our price: $149.00
Model ST-616CT Infrared Thermometer and Humidity Meter
Easy-to-use infrared thermometer and humidety meter in one compact unit.

Our price: $149.00
Model ST-8860 Integral Probe Thermo-Hygrometer
SKU: ST-8860
Integral probe thermo-hygrometer for convenitent one-hand operation.

Our price: $99.00
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