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Model KEW6310 Power Quality Analyzer

Model KEW6310 Power Quality Analyzer
  • Measurements include voltage, current, frequency, active power, apparent power, reactive power, active energy, reactive energy, power factor, power quality, ie. sags and swells, unbalance, flicker and transients, and harmonics
  • Applicable to five wiring systems:  single phase 2-wire x 4, single phase 3-wire, three phase 3-wire x 2, three phasae 4-wire, and Scott wiring
  • Waveform and vector display
  • True RMS value can be displayed
  • Large color LCD screen
  • Recording interval can be set between 1 second and 1 hour
  • Internal non-volatile memory of 1 MB
  • Storage data up to 1 GB with compact flash card
  • Download data to PC through USB connection
  • Dual power supply:  AC line or battery operation
  • Conforms to EN61010-1 Cat. III 600V safety standard
  • Includes:  3 Model KEW8125 clamp sensors (for KEW6310-01) or 3 Model KEW8124 clamp sensors (for KEW6310-03), 4 test leads, mains power cord, PC software, USB cable, 6 batteries, instructions manual & carrying case.

Voltage Range

150/300/600/1000 V


0.2% rdg. 0.1% F.S.

Current Range

500.0 A (KEW6310-01)

1000 A (KEW6310-03)


0.2% rdg. 0.1% F.S. + clamp accuracy

Active Power Accuracy

0.5% rdg. 0.1% F.S. + clamp accuracy

PF Effect

1.0% rdg. Cosine = 0.5 (PF=1)

Frequency Range

40 to 70 Hz

Recording Intervals

1/2/5/10/15/30 seconds,

1/2/5/10/15/30/60 minutes


3.5 color LCD (320 x 240 dot matrix)

Power Supply

100 to 240 VAC; 6 x LR6 batteries


8.1 x 7.2 x 2.6

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Clamp Sensors
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